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If you’re looking to have a brand-new flat roof installed on your property, look no further than The Flat Roofing Company. We’re the best option for a domestic flat roof, Bournemouth customers, as we supply and install robust, modern, fully weatherproof systems that’ll last for many, many years. We also fix flat roofs if you should ever encounter an issue with your current system. To get started, call us on 01202 925951. 

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The Team to Call for a Quality Domestic Flat Roof in Bournemouth 

At The Flat Roofing Company, we supply and install modern systems and can tackle jobs ranging from new builds to extensions, repairs, and overlays. Flat roofing doesn’t have the most solid reputation for reliability, performance, and durability. There are reasons for this which we’ve touched on below. But know that our systems are cutting-edge, they lack the flaws of older flat roofs, so if you want the best domestic flat roof, Bournemouth customers should call our team right away. 

For years, we’ve supplied Bournemouth domestic flat roof installations for a wide range of projects. It doesn’t matter what you’re asking us to put a roof on; we’ll be able to assist you. We can install roofs on: 





Bay Windows 


Barns and More! 

And we can install a domestic flat roof, Bournemouth customers, on your home. So, if you have multiple requests, just let us know, and we’ll advise you on how we can help. 

Get Rid of the Worst Domestic Flat Roof Bournemouth Has Seen 

Get rid of the worst flat roofing you’ve ever seen and replace it with our top-tier system. Many flat roofs have been incorrectly installed. And many are comprised of EPDM; this is commonly referred to as rubber roofing. These systems are made using recycled tyres, slate dust, and sawdust. They are usually weak, aren’t terribly versatile, are easy to puncture and tear, and aren’t overly weatherproof. They aren’t particularly pleasing to the eye either. 

A traditional domestic flat roof in Bournemouth could be susceptible to several issues, such as a warm roof, where the insulation is lacking or insufficient. Poorly designed and installed roofs can also be susceptible to standing water, where rainwater doesn’t drain properly. And many commonly installed materials contain bitumen which is hazardous, among other drawbacks. 

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Get the Best Domestic Flat Roofing Available Instead! 

Our team specialise in supplying cutting-edge single-ply membranes from two highly rated suppliers – ICB Alwitra and IKO Armourplan. We can fix these membranes mechanically, or we can adhere them, depending on the circumstances. With one of these membranes in place, the issues mentioned above will be a thing of the past. A domestic flat roof, Bournemouth customers, installed by us will be just as reliable as any pitched roof. 

Get started by calling us to request a face-to-face discussion. We’ll take you through the necessary steps before quoting you for your new flat roof in Bournemouth. Domestic flat roof installations are carried out by our fully trained, qualified, and insured team. If you want to get more out of your roof, like turning it into garden area, walkway, or a place to sit out, we can accommodate any request. 

Our carpenters can construct a timber frame that will be supported by membrane-coated feet. Handrails, gates, and seating can all be added. We can even add green roofing, so you’ll have your own rooftop garden area. Before proceeding, our team will test weight load bearing to ensure that such adaptations can be made successfully to your domestic flat roof, Bournemouth customers. 

We can also install new gutters, soffits, and fascias. Plus, we can carry out integrity testing, maintenance, and repair work whenever these may be required. You can find out more information about these by clicking on the domestic page of our website. 

Why Should You Choose Our Bournemouth Domestic Flat Roof Company? 

As proud members of the FMB, you can trust that The Flat Roofing Company has what it takes to set you up with the best domestic flat roof Bournemouth has seen. You don’t have to take our word for it either. Over the years, we’ve amassed many stellar reviews over on our Checkatrade profile. Such kind words should serve to illustrate why we’re such a trusted roofing specialist.  

We have over 15 years of experience behind us and a military background to boot. Our experience and background translate to a solid “can do” work ethic and logistical capabilities that are unmatched. We can turn our hand to any job of any size. Our team members are all highly skilled and only use premium-grade materials and systems for all projects. This ensures you get the finest domestic flat roof in Bournemouth, one that surpasses any of the older systems you may have encountered in the past. 

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