Are you searching for a competitively priced flat roofing specialist?

The Flat Roofing Company offers an innovative roofing approach for all of our domestic clients. From extensions and new builds to repairs or overlays – Our modern systems are designed and installed to last.

It is not just if you have a flat roof on top of your house. We can do garages, balconies, summerhouses, porches, bay windows, doorma, extensions, barns, and even on any pitch of a roof! Our slate grey and anthracite grey give a zinc effect style to the roof. Please check out projects to see our recent domestic projects.

The waterproofing systems we install are at the forefront of modern roofing technology. Our teams are fully trained, qualified, and insured to create your flat roof area into a sleek and robust system.

With various colours, designs, and ideas please get in touch with details of your roof and we will happily assist you.

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What Common Issues Befall Flat Roofing in Bournemouth?

There are many issues which can affect flat roofing causing no end of problems for homeowners.

These issues are ones which our team are more than happy to rectify and include:

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Warm Roof

Thermal – Many flat roof areas are neglected for years even decades. Many of these older systems may have little if any insulation. We can check the current build up with a free core sample test. We can overlay existing roofs with insulation and membrane, getting the roof to the Building Regs requirement U value and increase the durability and the thermal spec of the building.

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This commonly installed materials contains Bitumen which is a hazardous material. Felt is very rough which doesn’t allow water to travel off of at a good rate. It isn’t very pleasing on the eye nor does it have a very long life span. This is an outdated material and a lot of work we do is replacing old felt roofs.

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Standing Water

Despite its name, all flat roofs are built with a slight incline. This is necessary to permit water to run off into the gutter, thereby, preventing it from pooling. If water pools it’s what is referred to as standing water. Standing water can be a result of a roof that has been poorly designed or installed. It can also be a sign of wear and tear indicating that the roof has begun to sag or that there is a blockage present somewhere.

Our team have the expertise to restore a sagging roof and remove any blockages that may be present allowing the water to drain away. If your flat roofing in Poole has standing water, call us immediately to prevent damage to the protective membrane and leaking.

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EPDM is commonly known as rubber roofing, and it’s a material that consists of recycled tires, slate dust and sawdust. For flat roofs, this particular material has plenty of drawbacks as it can be relatively weak and it lacks versatility. Also, it is susceptible to punctures and tears due to the consistency of the material, which could lead to costly repairs.

From aesthetic purposes, it is not the most attractive roofing material available. It is a cheap option that would be more suited for a garden shed or garage.

Decking & Paving

Transform your flat roof area into something useful. We can create these spaces into decking areas. Our fully qualified carpenters can build a timber frame which is supported by membrane coated feet. Handrails, gates, seating or any ideas you have.

We can combine green roofing with this aspect and create sitting areas with gardens or walkways.

If you have an existing roof area we can do a core sample test to determine the structural weight load bearing. This will allow us to safely assess whether your roof can be used for decking/paving/green roofs.

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How Can The Flat Roofing Company Help with Your Flat Roofing in Poole?

If you’re searching for the one-stop-shop for services related to flat roofing in Dorset, look no further than The Flat Roofing Company. Our services include:

Single-Ply Roofing
Gutters, Soffits, and Fascias
Flat Roof Cleaning and Maintenance
• Integrity Testing

Here at The Flat Roofing Company, we specialise in the provision and installation of single-ply membrane roofing. We work alongside two specialist suppliers – ICB Alwitra and IKO Armourplan – who are renowned for supplying high-quality membranes. These can be either adhered to or mechanically fixed dependent on the circumstances. Whether your flat roofing in Dorset is old and worn out or has sustained damage, these systems can help restore it to full functionality.

The first step is to speak to us to request a consultation which will involve a site visit and an inspection of your roofing system. Our team possess the skills and knowledge to determine the extent and cause of the problem and to suggest solutions that are guaranteed to work. Once we’ve completed our assessment, you will be provided with a no-obligation quotation, and we’ll arrange a time to carry out the work that is convenient for you.

Flat Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

As mentioned above, a flat roof will wear out over time if not correctly maintained. Regular spot checks, maintenance and cleaning are a vital necessity and a service which we are happy to provide. Regular cleaning helps remove any debris or bird droppings which will have accumulated over time. Bird droppings, in particular, can be damaging to flat roofing as they can be highly corrosive towards building and roofing materials.

Of course, keeping your roof clean is part and parcel of ensuring that your home remains looking visually appealing all year long. If any wear and tear is spotted once the roof has been cleaned, our team can assist by restoring small areas or even the entire roof itself. Our maintenance services range from spot repairs to complete overhauls and are intended to keep your roof at peak efficiency for years to come.

Gutters, Soffits and Fascias

In addition to installing, restoring and maintaining flat roofing in Dorset, here at The Flat Roofing Company, we also offer the same for gutters, soffits and fascias too. Not only do these vastly improve the aesthetics of your rooftop, but they also serve a practical purpose too. Often, damaged or blocked gutters can be the contributing factor of standing water. As such, if your uPVC fixtures require an overhaul or need replacing outright; we can help.

Integrity Testing

At times, a fault is not always immediately obvious and can take a little time to track down. This is where The Flat Roofing Company in Dorset can be of assistance. We employ the use of cutting-edge technologies to deliver truly unparalleled integrity testing. Integrity testing is an innovative technique that is non-invasive and is a great way to ensure quality control while keeping costs down.

The techniques that we employ include electronic leak detection, moisture probe analysis and moisture probe scanning. Integrity testing enables us to track down potential issues without having to overhaul the entire roof. What’s more, it significantly reduces the time it takes to determine the cause of a leak. Upon completion of any testing, you will be supplied with a comprehensive report that summarises our findings. Our industry knowledge and experience will come into play, and we’ll be able to recommend any waterproofing systems that may be required.


Common reasons for flat roof repairs – Water ingress, damp, structural problems, material deterioration, poor workmanship, damage

Over the years our flat roofs are battered by the weather. As well as the wind and the rain there can be debris, animal traffic, fallen objects (tiles) or moss and weeds taking over.

Our first step would be to visit and assess the area in question. If we can get onto the area we will take pictures, videos and measurements. If the area is not safe, access difficult or ice conditions we can use our drones to get all of the information we require. Samples of our materials can be shown and fully explained on site.

You will then receive a free report from our visit including pictures/info along with a full breakdown of options and costs.

We are seeing more and more problems with old felt and EPDM roofs where the longevity of the product is at the end. Our systems are designed so that we can overlay directly on top of the existing system. We would make sure that there is no structural damage first before overlaying the area adhering the membrane to the surface. Insulation can also be added on top of the felt roofs before the membrane to add thermal properties. If there is structural damage we can assess where this is and re- roof the area.

Note: SPRA (single ply roofing association) does not recommend the use of ‘cold deck’ roofs (where the insulation is placed below the deck) because they require ventilation and it is difficult to control condensation.

20 year warranty for all repair projects as well as new.

The Flat Roofing Company The Flat Roofing Company