Drone Surveys

The Flat Roofing Company can complete a full roof survey for your property. The roof area will be completely checked and assessed.

A core sample test can be undertaken to determine the existing roof build up and condition.

Using a core drill a small piece is taken from the roof down to the joists. This will allow us to determine each existing layer and also the dampness percentages of the materials. This information can determine whether or not a roof needs urgent attention. The section taken out will be fire safety tested and then patched over.

A report will be generated and issued to the client along with our breakdowns of options and costs.

Drone surveys are also available for areas where access is restricted or unsafe.


Drone Surveys:

We now offer full roof surveys with the use of drone technology. This can enable us to view any sized, shaped, or inaccessible roof area. These can be used for pitched roofs, flat roofs, green roofs, high-rise buildings, flats, etc.

We provide full reports including photos/video walk-throughs and diagrams. We then collaborate this with a written report detailing the existing condition of the area in question. This will detail the issues with proposals of works and full quotations/costings and system Information.

This very professional and quick service costs – £99 inclusive of all mentioned above.

We do still use drones to visit customers properties and view areas we can’t see to allow us to quote for the work. The cost is for the full report and not for just a quotation. We have recently started doing these for customers who have recently purchased properties in the local areas.

Drones also allow us to take fantastic aerial footage of our projects before, during, and after. We collect many pictures and videos which we are more than happy to provide the client with free of charge at the end of a project.

What is a Roof Survey?

A roof survey is a process in which the condition of a roof is determined prior to any work being carried out. If a fault has occurred, it can often be difficult to know what’s causing it and this is where a roof survey comes into play. As part of a survey, we will cover various critical areas during the course of our assessment, including:

• Roof Covering
• Roof Structure
• Gutters and Rainwater System
• Felt Condition
• Windows and Skylights

Our findings will then be compiled into a report which will be handed to the client at the conclusion of the survey. You can find out a little more about each of these factors below

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Roof Covering

Assuming for a moment that the survey is being carried out on an existing property, the first step is to determine the age of the covering. This is a vital comparison method as once we’ve established the age we will compare it with other roofing systems of a similar age. This will help us to determine the extent of wear and tear as well as the longevity of the roof itself. Leaks will be highlighted as will any potential repairs that need to be carried out.

For flat roofing in Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset, we will also check the decking for soft spots.

Roof Structure

The structure of flat roofing is essential for maintaining its shape and incline. If the structure is compromised in any way, sagging can occur which is the main contributing cause of standing water. The roof will be examined both internally and externally with checks carried out on all aspects including the ventilation, wall plates, tie bars and internal lighting. We’ll be looking for evidence of sagging, roof spread, condensation and other issues.

Gutters and Rainwater Systems

Without a fully functioning rainwater system, the longevity of your roof will be severely compromised dramatically lowering its life expectancy. Issues such as cracks, blockages and other damage will be highlighted. It’s vital that issues like these be rectified as they can lead to leaking joints and seepage which can be highly disruptive. The former can even cause structural damage to occur which could compromise not just your roof, but the rest of the building too.

After carefully assessing your rainwater system, we will suggest any repair work that needs completing and whether or not any parts need replacing entirely. We can also recommend more efficient alternatives if required.

Felt Condition

Of course, the felt itself needs to be checked, as any splits or worn areas can leave your roof compromised and permit water to leak into the building interior. A survey will determine the condition and age of the felt and whether or not the felt needs restoring or replacing outright.


It’s not uncommon for properties with flat roofing in Dorset to be equipped with skylights. In some cases, if it’s a room with no external walls, a skylight may be the only source of natural light. As skylights are technically part of the roof itself, they are also checked during a roof survey. Quality of installation, signs of cracked glass and fogging will all be checked for and if discovered, highlighted in our report. If any issues are noted, our team will provide you with any advice that you require.

The Flat Roofing Company The Flat Roofing Company

Why is a Roof Survey Important?

It goes without saying that a roof survey is quite possibly one of the most important things you’ll ever invest in, whether it’s for your own property or one you intend to purchase. Only a home-buyers survey trumps a roof survey in terms of importance. A roof survey is an excellent way of ensuring that your roof is fit-for-purpose and will spare you from any distress or unforeseen costs further on down the line.

The beauty of a roof survey is that it can be carried out independently of a full home-buyers survey, the latter of which wouldn’t be required for a property you already own. Here at The Flat Roofing Company, we provide, arguably, the most comprehensive FREE roof surveys when it comes to flat roofing in Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset.

All you need to do is give us a call and arrange a time for us to survey your roof that is convenient for you. Our team will leave no stone unturned and will cover all the areas mentioned above ensuring that every part of your roofing system is in full working order. As we go, we’ll take note of any issues that need rectifying and afterwards, supply you with a highly detailed report of our findings.

There is no obligation at this stage to use our company to carry out these repairs, though if you’d like, we can supply you with a competitively priced quotation. Should you wish to proceed, our roofing specialists will set about putting right any issues or, if necessary, we’ll replace the entire roof outright. As a company, we are CITB and CSCS registered as well as ICB and IKO certified, so you know you’re in safe hands with our team.