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If you utilise a flat roof on your property, whether domestic, commercial, or industrial, you will know that there are many things that can go wrong. As such, it is always recommended to have a set of specialists on hand to assist with the maintenance and repairs of your flat roofing in Milford on Sea. Here at The Flat Roofing Company, we are the only team you will ever need to call. 

We provide an innovative approach for all of our clients, whether they need installation, maintenance, or repairs. Our modern systems are all designed and installed to last for years to come and, should something go wrong with your flat roofing, Milford on Sea clients, we are on hand to help. With our experience and knowledge, we will know exactly how to proceed with your request, whatever it may be. 

A roof is nothing without a quality waterproofing system, and flat roofing, Milford on Sea clients, is no different. The waterproofing systems that we install are secondtonone and at the forefront of modern roofing technologies. With our qualified and experienced team, you will receive a robust system. 

There are a variety of issues which our team are experienced in rectifying, from warm roof and felt to standing water and EPDM. Clients in Milford on Sea, flat roofing issues are well known to us as we have dealt with many of the common problems over the years. As such, we are able to carry out swift and effective repairs. 

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The seams of your roof can sometimes loosen as a result of EPDM shrinkage. This particular material tends to be found in the outer coating or within the protective membrane coating. If it shrinks around the edges, then moisture and cold air could infiltrate. Don’t worry, though, as our Christchurch flat roofing company can help.

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Standing Water

Even though flat roofs are predominantly flat, there is a slight incline that allows water to run into the gutter, which prevents pooling. However, if the roof has not been designed to a high standard, it has been installed incorrectly, or it has begun to sag, standing water can be an issue. Our specialists in flat roofing, Christchurch clients, will be able to restore your roof and remove any blockages.

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In older roofs, felt was commonly installed, but it is an outdated material that can affect the flow of water. Due to the nature of the rough material, water is unable to travel off it smoothly and it doesn’t last for a long period of time. Our team that specialise in flat roofing in Christchurch will be able to replace old roofs that contain felt.

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If moisture gets trapped between the roof and the membrane, blistering tends to happen. Generally, warmer climates experience this more than colder atmospheres as hot air causes moisture to expand. If you notice sealed blisters, then it is important that you get our Christchurch flat roofing company to fix them before they rupture.

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HVAC Damage

For commercial and industrial buildings, many have air conditioning units installed. In some cases, the condensation and vibrations can cause cracks within the roofing structure. If you do not bring in our experts as swiftly as possible, the entire roof could be affected.

Other Services Available 

Here at The Flat Roofing Company, in addition to being experts with flat roofing in Milford on Sea, you can also rely on us for a range of other services. Our team can carry out work on all of the following: 

Regardless of the service you require, you can trust our team to carry out the work to the highest quality. We always work with health and safety in mind, so you can rest assured knowing your property is in safe and capable hands with our team. To find out more, please call us today on 01202 925951. 

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As a company, we are accredited by numerous reputable industry bodies, including the Federation of Master Builders and Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA). Such accreditations should provide all the reassurance you need to hire us for Milford on Sea flat roofing. 

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