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Is your rooftop in a desperate state of disrepair? Then you require the assistance of a roofing specialist, such as the ones that work for The Flat Roofing Company. Skilled in flat roof repairs, Dorchester customers have come to rely heavily on the services that we offer. Dealing with roof repairs needn’t be a nightmare, and they needn’t cost a fortune, either. To find out more, give us a call today at 01202 925 297.

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Over time, the roof of any property will take a lot of punishment. From withstanding adverse weather conditions to being splattered with corrosive bird droppings, a roofing system will eventually break down. When this happens, damp, cold, debris, and pests can find their way inside and end up causing havoc. The good news is that The Flat Roofing Company offer the most effective flat roof repairs, Dorchester customers.

Customers in Dorchester, flat roof repairs is a service that our company has offered since our founding. We only ever employ the most cutting-edge technologies and techniques, so you can be assured of a complete solution quickly and at an affordable price point.

The Best Flat Roof Repairs Dorchester Has to Offer

The roof can be easily damaged by adverse weather conditions, corrosion, or impact damage from falling debris or even a tree. Roofs that have been incorrectly installed or made from sub-standard materials are also more likely to fail too. Our flat roof repairs in Dorchester help rectify all these problems, providing you with peace of mind.

It all starts with a survey in which a member of our team will visit to assess the damage and the work required to put it right. As part of this service, we can carry out integrity testing, which is an excellent way to detect any structural weaknesses. For instance, we can use this technique to identify pinhole leaks which fall under flat roof repairs, Dorchester customers.

Integrity Testing

The beauty of integrity testing is that it’s quick and accurate. Rather than spending hours trying to spot problems through a rather invasive approach, we can track problems to within millimetres of where they’ve occurred. This allows us to focus our efforts, fixing specific sections of the roof rather than replacing the whole thing. Of course, if the whole roof has been damaged, customers in Dorchester, flat roof repairs provided by us cover this, too.

Once any issues have been spotted and catalogued, a fully itemised quote will be presented to the customer. If you choose to proceed, our team will get to work fixing the problem, restoring the full functionality of your roof. In the pursuit of our work, we correct a range of issues, such as:

  • Leaks
  • Splitting
  • Blistering
  • Standing Water
  • And More! 

And if the roof is simply beyond repair, we can quote you for a full replacement which will provide you with many years of reliable service. With The Flat Roofing Company, you always receive the best and most appropriate solution for any given situation. Want to find out more about our flat roof repairs? Dorchester customers need only call us on 01202 925 297.

Our team carrying out flat roof repairs in Dorchester.

Here to Provide Dorchester Flat Roof Repairs Which are Second-to-None

At The Flat Roofing Company, we strive to be the best at what we do. What more would you expect from a company backed by 15 years’ experience and a military background? We provide a truly modernised service reinforced through innovation. This stems from the fact we offer the most cutting-edge single-ply membranes the industry has seen.

Not only do we perform excellent flat roof repairs, Dorchester customers, but we supply the very finest roofing systems too. Our firm belief is that single-ply membranes are the future of waterproofing and are the key to dispelling the belief that flat roofs are notoriously unreliable. We believe so wholeheartedly in these systems that we offer them to all our customers – domestic, commercial, and industrial.

And we’re always committed to being as environmentally conscious as we can possibly be. Good news for those looking to be eco-friendlier, seeking flat roof repairs in Dorchester.

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