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Are you in the market for quality flat roofing? Southampton customers searching for flat roofing services should get in touch with The Flat Roofing Company today. Our highly accredited team are capable of undertaking all manner of roofing requests. With our range of competitively priced services, upgrading your roof to a premium roofing system has never been more affordable. To find out more, call us today on 01202 925951.

Your Number One Choice for Flat Roofing in Southampton

Whether you’re looking to replace the roof on your domestic property or upgrade the roofing system of a commercial or industrial property, we have you covered. Flat roofing in Southampton offers many great benefits, which include:

  • 20-Year Product
  • Economical
  • Range of Colour Options
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Rapid-Fast Installation
  • Puddle-Free

Southampton, flat roofing is by far the most cost-effective option available to you. Factor in our competitive pricing structure, first-class workmanship and impeccable knowledge, and we really are the best roofing specialists to call.

A flat roof installed by our team.

The Most Experienced Supplier of Flat Roofing Southampton Has to Offer

There are many issues which can lead to a flat roof not performing as expected or failing entirely. Shrinkage, standing water, blistering, and the use of felt are all indicators that your roof requires specialist attention. If you choose to ignore these problems, they can quickly spiral, compromising your flat roofing. In Southampton, our full in-house service covers everything from installation and maintenance to repairs and cleaning.

As well as fixing issues to do with wear and tear, we can also correct problems brought about through storm and impact damage. Perhaps high winds have torn a swath through your roof. Or maybe a downed tree or power line has breached a large section of your flat roofing. Southampton customers looking to restore their roof to a pristine condition should give The Flat Roofing Company a call to arrange for a roof inspection.

We can determine the extent of the problem and devise the most appropriate solution moving forward. It might be a simple case of affecting repairs. Or, if the roof is beyond repair and issues are beginning to occur regularly, it might be far easier to replace it outright. You can count on The Flat Roofing Company to offer sound advice and recommendations for your flat roofing in Southampton.

We can even offer integrity testing, which provides a non-invasive way of isolating faults without having to tear up large sections of the roof. Integrity testing involves techniques which include electronic leak detection, moisture probe analysis, and moisture probe scanning. A comprehensive report will be generated, which will include our official recommendations.

Single-Ply Roofing

At The Flat Roofing Company, we work closely with two market-leading suppliers – ICB Alwitra and IKO Armourplan. Both companies supply premium-quality roofing membranes to customers throughout the Hampshire area, including Southampton. Flat roofing supplied by these two manufacturers can be either adhered or mechanically fixed, making this a supremely flexible option.

Following an onsite consultation, we’ll suggest the right product and get it installed in line with British standards. Your premises will be left neat and tidy following the installation. Plus, if you’d like to keep your roof in tip-top condition, know that we’re happy to provide routine maintenance and cleaning services.

If you’d like to know more about how we can assist you with your flat roofing, Southampton customers can get in touch with The Flat Roofing Company by calling 01202 925951.

Choose Our Southampton Flat Roofing Service

If you’re mulling over who to call, make sure you consider the environmentally conscious, friendly, knowledgeable experts at The Flat Roofing Company. As the most experienced option for flat roofing Southampton has to offer, you can rest easy knowing that we’ve become very good at exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Boasting accreditations from organisations such as CITB, CSCS, and Checkatrade, you can be assured that you’re dealing with a team of professionals. We’re committed to providing each customer with a modern, durable, strong roofing system as well as a service reinforced through innovation. We’re constantly pushing the benchmark standard further and further, making us the company to beat for flat roofing in Southampton.

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