Industrial buildings differ greatly from domestic and commercial structures in the way in which they are built.

Often, attention is paid to the integrity of the building with aesthetics being more of a secondary consideration. That being said, industrial flat roofing in Dorset can wear out and become damaged compromising its ability to keep the building interior protected.

As with commercial businesses, industrial business owners are required to maintain the upkeep of the roof. This can be time-consuming and is a task best left to the professionals. Unlike domestic properties, industrial roofs can be quite extensive making tracking down a problem more of an involved process. At The Flat Roofing Company, our team have the capacity to clean, maintain, repair and even replace industrial flat roofing in Bournemouth and Poole.

We can acquire all the necessary materials or work with supplied materials depending on the client’s particular circumstances. Whatever the scale of the project, you can rest easy knowing that our CSCS and CITB accredited team have you covered. In line with our strict environmental policy, all work is carried out with due consideration paid to its potential impact. Our approach to waste management, recycling and hazardous waste disposal is unmatched.

So, if you’re seeking a modern and advanced solution that is kind to the environment, affordable and highly effective, look no further than The Flat Roofing Company.

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What Common Issues Befall Flat Roofing in Bournemouth?

There are many issues which can affect flat roofing causing no end of problems for homeowners.

These issues are ones which our team are more than happy to rectify and include:

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Warm Roof

Thermal – Many flat roof areas are neglected for years even decades. Many of these older systems may have little if any insulation. We can check the current build up with a free core sample test. We can overlay existing roofs with insulation and membrane, getting the roof to the Building Regs requirement U value and increase the durability and the thermal spec of the building.

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This commonly installed materials contains Bitumen which is a hazardous material. Felt is very rough which doesn’t allow water to travel off of at a good rate. It isn’t very pleasing on the eye nor does it have a very long life span. This is an outdated material and a lot of work we do is replacing old felt roofs.

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Standing Water

Despite its name, all flat roofs are built with a slight incline. This is necessary to permit water to run off into the gutter, thereby, preventing it from pooling. If water pools it’s what is referred to as standing water. Standing water can be a result of a roof that has been poorly designed or installed. It can also be a sign of wear and tear indicating that the roof has begun to sag or that there is a blockage present somewhere.

Our team have the expertise to restore a sagging roof and remove any blockages that may be present allowing the water to drain away. If your flat roofing in Poole has standing water, call us immediately to prevent damage to the protective membrane and leaking.

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EPDM is commonly known as rubber roofing, and it’s a material that consists of recycled tires, slate dust and sawdust. For flat roofs, this particular material has plenty of drawbacks as it can be relatively weak and it lacks versatility. Also, it is susceptible to punctures and tears due to the consistency of the material, which could lead to costly repairs.

From aesthetic purposes, it is not the most attractive roofing material available. It is a cheap option that would be more suited for a garden shed or garage.

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How Can We Assist You With Your Flat Roofing in Dorset?

Here at The Flat Roofing Company, our team are fully equipped, trained and certified to tackle all aspects of flat roofing. Poole and Bournemouth customers need only call us today to inquire further about any of the services mentioned below:

Single-Ply Membrane

Single-ply membranes are our bread and butter and form the backbone of what we do. From restoring a roof as part of a refurbishment to replacing or constructing new roofing systems, single-ply membranes are a highly versatile choice. Supplied by Alwitra and IKO Armourplan, there are a variety of options available for customers to choose from. Such options include adhered and mechanically fixed systems.

At The Flat Roofing Company, we supply single-ply membranes for both cold and warm roof installations. These membranes are an excellent choice as they are designed to be durable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing. All systems are UV resistant meaning they won’t fade, warp or shrink even as a result of direct exposure to the sun.

There are many benefits to single-ply membranes, which include:

• Designed to Prevent Standing Water
• Lightweight
• Excellent Reflective Properties
• Guaranteed to Last for Up to 20 Years (with a manufacturer’s guarantee)
• Cost-Effective
• Ideally Suited to Green Roof Installations

Gutters, Soffits and Fascias

With industrial flat roofing in Dorset, gutters are a crucial addition – more so than soffits and fascias. Even on an industrial building, there always has to be a way for rainwater to run off the roof and into a nearby drain. As with commercial and domestic buildings, industrial gutters, soffits and fascias can deteriorate with time and as a result of exposure to the elements.

Our team possess the skills and expertise to restore or, if necessary, replace gutters, soffits and fascias. In no time, your flat roofing in Bournemouth and Poole will be restored to full working order, and any water will be channelled away from building in a controlled manner.

Roof Surveys

Our roof surveys are free of charge, which is excellent news if you’re experiencing issues with your roof and need them investigated quickly. Our site survey will be followed by a detailed and informative report which will outline the issue, our recommended solution and bespoke pricing structure. If you’re happy to proceed at this point, we’ll schedule you in for our flat roof cleaning and maintenance service. Alternatively, if the wear and tear is more severe; we’ll suggest replacing the roof outright.

Flat Roof Cleaning and Maintenance

As the most exposed surface of any building, roof tops are going to become dirty over time as a result of dirt, grime and bird droppings. Bird faeces, in particular, is highly corrosive causing no end of damage to flat roofing. Dorset businesses are encouraged to enlist our team to carry out extensive, regular cleaning services intended to restore roof tops to an immaculate state.

While we’re cleaning the roof, we can also carry out an in-depth inspection to check for any signs of an impending issue. Often we find that if issues are caught early, they are relatively easy and cheaper to put right. Pre-emptive action such as this also helps to avoid any nasty surprises further on down the line and ensures that your flat roofing remains in optimum condition.

Integrity Testing

Integrity testing is an innovative technique that involves processes such as moisture probe analysis and electronic leak detection. Such tests offer a non-invasive alternative that is far more precise, time-saving and cost-effective than conventional methods. Rather than carrying out a complete overhaul or replacement service, integrity testing allows us to isolate and address specific problems instead.

Once a test is completed, a detailed and informative report will be compiled and given to you for your consideration.


It’s not uncommon for industrial buildings to be equipped with skylights. If your building is equipped with skylights which are beyond repair, need restoring or if they are absent entirely; our team can help. We provide installation and waterproofing services as well as a full range of carpentry services intended to help you get the most out of your request.

With a single-ply membrane, it can be used to attach the skylight to your flat roofing in Bournemouth and Poole once securely fastened to the system.