21 Lilliput Road, Sandbanks

We at The Flat Roofing Company were recently hired to install a warm roof extension for a client based in Sandbanks.

We used Alwitra VSK for the roof, and added a 50mm aluminium drip-edge, and the client was pleased with our results.

The Project

For this project, the client requested our assistance with the implementation of a warm roof extension as part of a refurbishment project. After discussing the request with the client, we made plans to implement a 35m2 extension. The work necessitated installing an Alwitra VSK single-ply membrane, which was fully adhered to the 18mm hardwood ply deck. An SKL Alwitra primer was chosen to provide full adhesion once installed.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


We selected Alwitra VSK as, not only did it match the building’s aesthetics, but it provided excellent longevity too. We also eliminated any unnecessary, costly work installing additional termination bars and cover straps. Alwitra VSK is also a versatile membrane that’s perfect for a box gutter, exactly like the one found at Lilliput Road. It could be installed from the flat roof deck, into the box gutter, finishing along the perimeter edge in one piece.

To wrap things up, the installation was finished with a 50mm aluminium drip-edge onto the fascias. The client was pleased with the results as well as the money our team had managed to save them.

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