Bingham Drive Lyndhurst

We took this project on after the previous developer and roofer took off halfway through the project.

The flat roof had been installed as an EPDM and was one of the worst we had seen in a long time with water ingress across the roof area, details not installed correctly or just left half done. The new pitched roof extension had been half started with the steels wrong, the project had just been made worse, and we had our work cut out for us.

We started with the flat roof by stripping off the existing EPDM rubber covering and fitting a new ply deck across the roof for a fresh, clean surface. With the developer having insulated from below, we then fully adhered a Alwitra single-ply membrane to the new plywood. After finishing most of the roof and new trim profiles, we took out the door leading out on to the roof to complete the threshold detail correctly; it had been attempted with the door in situ.

We fully stripped and re-built the roof area on the top mono-pitch, including new extensions on two sides. The flat roof area on top of this then had a new warm roof (120mm insulated) installed with a bespoke trim to suit the pitched detail. The lower tiled works were also completely refurbished with a new build-up and reclaimed tiles to match the roof. All the new lead work and lead detailing was also installed. Safe to say, the client was beyond thankful, and we managed to turn it around in two weeks.

flat roofing Bingham Drive, Lyndhurst
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