Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus

Since obtaining our contract last year with Bournemouth University, we have completed a wide range of single ply, felt and pitched roofing on various buildings across the campus.

These education buildings were originally going to be used temporarily, but 10 years later they are still being used by the media and film branch of the university. There are 2 roof areas consisting of 750m2 of single ply roof, for which both had serious issues of water ingress. We stripped off and disposed of the existing PVC single ply membrane system, before then replacing the plywood substrate for new 18mm hardwood plywood. We have then installed a new single ply membrane system, adhering this directly to the new plywood surface. Finished off with new aluminium trim profiles, these buildings are now ready to be used again with a 20 year warranty.

replacement flat roofing
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