The Flat Roofing Company were recently called to a property and instructed by the occupants to assist in the creation of a warm roof as part of a brand-new extension.

From the outset, we were aware that the flow of natural light throughout the extension was not as great as it could’ve been. As a way of solving this issue, we suggested to the client that a skylight should be installed to compensate. The roof would obviously need to be designed to take this into account.


One of the biggest challenges that we had to overcome was to design the roof in such a way that would prevent the build-up of condensation inside. The addition of a skylight added a further consideration as this could potentially be a source of condensation itself. We also needed to ensure that the roof was well-insulated so that a comfortable internal environment could be maintained throughout. Finally, the skylight had to be waterproofed to protect it against the elements.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


Once the timber work was completed, our team laid a vapour control layer sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to prevent condensation, protecting the interior of the property from unwanted moisture. Next, we fitted 120mm thick insulation boards ensuring a consistent temperature throughout. The project was then finished off with a single-ply membrane fully adhered to the boards.

Finally, the skylight was installed along with a waterproofing membrane designed to keep out even heavy rain and snowfall. The client was thrilled with the outcome and, best of all, is a 20-year guarantee covers the entire roofing system.

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