Branders Lane Christchurch

One of our recent projects took place in Christchurch, where a customer required us to replace a roof for them.

The client had a recent survey on the property before she brought it. She knew all the underlying problems caused by the poorly installed felt roof, which was now failing after she bought the property. The client contacted The Flat Roofing Company to address the problems she had. We all agreed the best option to stop any problems in the future and assure longevity and performance.

The Process

The existing felt roof was failing miserably with sections of blistering water under the felt system that had previously been installed. I find it hard to understand how someone had installed this for a customer.

We did a complete strip off taking it down to the existing joists and insulation – these were found to be in pretty good condition considering. New 18mm marine plywood was installed on existing joists, and a new opening for the skylight was created. Evalon VSK was fully adhered to a new ply substrate. Old ridge tiles were taken off, and this allowed us to re-ply and membrane the parapet wall. Once completed, the existing ridges were installed.

The Flat Roofing Company
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