Recently, we were approached by a client who was interested in waterproofing their roofing as they were looking to provide their home with additional protection.

The job was straightforward and required us to install a single-ply membrane which we knew would provide the desired results.


The only real challenge that we faced on this project was ensuring that the end result would sufficiently protect the interior from the ingress of damp and cold air. The waterproofing had to be able to comfortably withstand driving rain and heavy snowfall while at the same time retaining its aesthetic qualities. We also had to take into account that the roof was positioned beneath an overhanging gutter pipe.

This meant that our team had to check the gutter to ensure that there were no issues that needed to be rectified. We also had to ensure that the rainwater system was draining correctly into a nearby drain rather than directly onto the roof itself.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


Our team set a date to begin the work and started by removing and disposing of the existing waterproofing. We stripped the roof right back and then set about applying an Alwitra Avalon single-ply membrane. The membrane was fully adhered to the plywood and finished off with matching trims in order to ensure a visually pleasing finish. The rainwater system was checked by our team who made sure that it would not dump water onto the rooftop once we’d finished.

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