It’s not uncommon for us to meet customers who have previously dealt with another roofing company; dealings which have resulted in the client being less than happy.

One such customer had had an EPDM rubber roof installed around six months prior to contacting us. Much to their surprise, they found that the roof wasn’t waterproofing their property correctly.

As no qualifications are required to install EPDM roofing, this is a sight that we see all too often. They requested that our fully trained and certified roofing specialists replaced the rubber roof with a single-ply option better suited to the task.


The obvious challenge that we faced here was ensuring that everything was waterproofed correctly to prevent moisture from making its way into the interior space. The roof would support a skylight too, so we had to ensure that this incorporated correctly to prevent any condensation from making its way inside.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


We replaced the roof entirely with a single-ply membrane which was far better suited to the task at hand. The original roof was removed entirely, and we also removed a section of the cladding to weatherproof in behind. The cladding was then re-installed correctly and the membrane locked down and sealed preventing any water from making it through. Following the completion of the work, we carried out one final inspection before handing over to the client.

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