Our services at The Flat Roofing Company were recently required for a difficult project in Ferndown.

The team were contacted by a customer who had recently moved into a property in the area and had an old felt roof laid across the house and its extension. We were tasked with removing this roof and replacing it with a newer, more durable model. Felt roofs are more prone to damage over time, so this is not an uncommon job for us to perform.


This project was not a straightforward one as it required our team to safely remove the old felt roof without damaging the property exterior. We also needed to be careful in how we dismantled the previous roof as any unnecessary damage would mean more work when it came to installing the new surface.

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Despite these challenges, our skilled team were able to competently carry out the job and complete the project in less than two days. We successfully tore up the old felt roof safely and installed a brand new 18mm plywood and a single ply membrane roof to the house and the extension.

The project was completed swiftly, and the client left with a twenty-year guarantee to assure them of the quality of our work. Our team, and more importantly our client, were wholly satisfied with the work we had completed.

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