Kingswell Road

55m2 warm roof recently completed in alwitra membrane called secutop. The 1.5mm dark grey fleece backed membrane has been fully adhered on to new 18mm marine plywood allowing the developers to insulate underneath. This created a void to allow the movement of air flow, limiting the rise of condensation. All laps have been homogeneously heat welded to create a 100% waterproof seal.

Matching 75mm secumet water check trims have been mechanically fixed at 200mm centres around the perimeter to act as a termination for wind uplift. Also, they have been designed for the water not to run off a face of a building at the client’s discretion. Matching 50mm drip trims have also been mechanically fixed at 200mm centres and fixed along the gutter line. All trims neatly finished with a 100mm cover strap.

The Flat Roofing Company
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