Panasonic HQ

We recently completed a project in which we were required to assist with the conversion of an old Panasonic HQ into a Big Yellow Storage Company.

The roof required reinforcing, particularly around the two lift shafts which would need to be protected from weather damage. To complete this task, we at The Flat Roofing Company were called in and asked to apply our expertise.


This project provided its own set of problems but none too complicated for our team to handle. The main dilemma was working around the two lift shafts as the flat roofing had to be applied around them while maintaining full structural integrity. Our team had to use their knowledge from previous projects as well as their understanding of our equipment in order to overcome this issue.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


Through the skill and determination of our staff, we were able to complete the project successfully. Our team fit plywood across the roof and around the lift shafts and then secured them with a single ply membrane. This process resulted in a strong and stable roof surface being installed, much to the satisfaction of our client. As with all of our projects, we completed this roof with maximum efficiency and in a relatively short time-span.

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