Parley – Dormers

A recent project saw us take on a unique task for a client in Parley.

They wanted us to fit a membrane on their dormer so that it would match the rest of their home. To do this, the client required that we give the dormer a zinc coloured finish so that it would appear to be the same as the tiles surrounding them. This job was one that was to be completed at the most cost-efficient price possible.


This project provided its fair set of challenges, the foremost being the cost. Zinc is, of course, an expensive material to use, so finding a suitable high-quality alternative proved difficult. Making sure that the dormer looked pleasing for the client, yet still retained structural integrity, was also something we had to ensure.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


In the end, our talented team provided the client with a cheaper alternative that offered the same great look for a fraction of the price. We opted to use a slate grey membrane with standing seam profiles that we attached to the timber surrounding the dormer.

We also formed metal capping that was fixed to the timber to ensure the membrane was waterproofed. Overall, the project resulted in a stunning looking dormer which left the client wholly satisfied.

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