Not long ago, our services at The Flat Roofing Company were called upon by a home in Southampton.

The residents were looking to replace their roof in preparation for a new skylight they were having installed. They required a high-quality membrane that would last a long time while also providing adequate protection for their skylight. After consulting with the client, our team arrived to carry out the work.


While this job was relatively straightforward for the most part, our team did have to consider how to build around where the skylight would be installed. We had to make sure that sufficient protection would be given to the skylight without the membrane being compromised. While working around this obstacle, we also had to ensure that the rest of the roof was given an equal amount of focus with regards to protection.

The Flat Roofing Company
The Flat Roofing Company


Despite the circumstances, our team was able to complete the project in one day to an incredibly high standard. We installed new ply across the roof and then installed a fully adhered single ply membrane system ready for the skylight. This process ensured that all parts of the roof were adequately protected.

The client was delighted with our work and was impressed by the efficiency of our team. Our client also received a 20-year warranty – our exceptional work ensures longevity, which is why our warranties cover an extended period.

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