Westbourne, Bournemouth

Thie apartment building in Westbourne had huge structural issues with the existing terrace areas dropping and the budling having to be closed to the residents throughout the works.

The structural side of works was completed by the main builder on the project with us coming in to install the new terrace warm roofs which wrapped around the entire perimeter of the property. There was an issue with height restrictions for the new insulation on the existing door thresholds so we had to install a specialist insulation board – Deck VQ. This is a condensed insulation board where the boards have the same U-value as a 120mm board but it compressed to 70mm. These boards have to be ordered to suit the design of the roof area as they cannot be cut or fixed into, otherwise this effects the thermal efficiency.

So first the vapour control layer was self-adhered to the new plywood, the deck vq insulation was then fully bonded and the membrane adhered to the insulation. We took the membrane up and over the parapet and weathered in 60 balustrade posts for the new handrail system.

flat roofing Westbourne, Bournemouth
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