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The Number One Choice for Dorset Roof Integrity Testing 

It is incredibly important that your roof stays in a good condition. Many of us dont realise that issues are present until it is too late. By enlisting our experts to carry out roof leak testing in Dorset, we will be able to spot any problems with the waterproof membrane. If unchecked, your property could suffer significant damage. 

When it comes to roof leak detection, Dorset customers, we use electronic integrity testing. It is a non-invasive method that picks up any trace of pinhole leaks within a flat roof via electrical pulses. This piece of technology allows us to detect leakage quickly, and we can do this without having to gain access to your home. 

Our Dorset roof integrity testing equipment offers excellent accuracy as it tracks leaks within millimetres of where they are. Without this technology, the traditional route would be unable to detect pinpointed areas of the problem. By choosing our methods, you can avoid having to get large sections of your flat roof removed and replaced. 

Keep in mind that our roof leak testing in Dorset is compatible with most single ply membranes. Before any work is conducted, we will assess your flat roof to discover if our testing is compatible with it. As a company, we always aim to work around you, so our team will schedule in a suitable time that fits around your schedule. 

The Benefits of Our Service 

By opting for this form of roof leak detection, Dorset customers will be able to address any issues quicker than if traditional methods were used. The naked eye cannot always pick up signs of structural weaknesses within flat roofs, but our technology can. Not only will it assess the overall structure of your roof, but it will pinpoint the location of the leak. 

There are many features that make our Dorset roof integrity testing stand out, and one of those is how fast it is. Our team will not need hours upon hours to carry out the service because our roofing company Dorset works quickly to highlight any leakage within the membrane.  

All of our roof leak testing in Dorset is performed by trained and qualified professionals who have vast experience in completing tasks of this nature. By opting against undergoing this service, you could leave your roof vulnerable to the following: 

  • Leaks 
  • Spread of Damp 
  • Membrane Breaches 
  • Exposure to Weather Damage 
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When searching for a company that specialises in roof leak detection, Dorset customers need to choose an established and reputable business. Here at The Flat Roofing Company, we have amassed a wealth of experience and have a team of qualified professionals ready to take on projects of any size. 

With more than 15 years of experience under our belts, you can put your full trust in us to carry out roof leak detection. Dorset residents and commercial property owners should also know that we provide installations, as well as maintenance and repairs.  

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