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Does your property have rubber roofing? Are you tired of paying out for costly repairs?

Then we have the best solution here at The Flat Roofing Company. Come to us, and we’ll replace your old roof with a brand-new, top-tier flat or pitched option. Our roofs are built to last and thanks to the inclusion of a single-ply membrane, they won’t tear as easily or let in water or cold air. You’ll save money on costly repairs too. To find out more, call us on 01202 925951. 

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The Best Alternative to EPDM Roofing 

Rubber roofing (EPDM) is a cheap material that is comprised of slate dust, sawdust, and recycled tyres. Aesthetically speaking, rubber roofs aren’t particularly attractive. They also aren’t very durable either, susceptible to punctures and tears due to the material’s consistency. Because it’s weak and lacks versatility, it’s not a great choice for flat roofs on houses, better suited to garden sheds or garages instead. 

If your property is equipped with a rubber roof, you may be noticing issues and finding yourself contending with costly repair bills. If this is the case, call The Flat Roofing Company now, and we’ll replace your old roof with a cutting-edge flat roofing installation. Our modern systems are designed with aesthetics and performance in mind. They can be added to a variety of buildings, including: 

  • Houses/ Bungalows/ Flats 
  • Garages 
  • Summerhouses 
  • Sheds 
  • Dorma Conversions 
  • Extensions and More! 

Unlike rubber roofing, our flat roof installations are tough; they won’t puncture or tear anywhere near as easily, so you won’t be saddled with regular and costly repairs. And each roof incorporates a state-of-the-art waterproofing system, ensuring your home stays warm and dry. Want to find out more? Then keep reading or give us a call now. 

Ditch That Old Rubber Roofing Now 

A good quality flat roofing system is only half the equation – if installed incorrectly, it’ll count for nothing. Fortunately, when you come to The Flat Roofing Company, you’ll be dealing with a team of highly trained, qualified, and fully insured professionals. Our roofing specialists will take care of your old EPDM roofing and get your new roofing system installed, ensuring the highest standards are maintained throughout. 

Before proceeding with any flat roofing installation, a member of our team will meet with you first. They’ll discuss your requirements, talk you through any customisable options, and then provide you with a FREE, no-obligation quote. A survey will also be carried out to allow for measurements to be taken. If you’re happy with the fee we’ve quoted, we’ll get to work installing your new roofing system. Your old roof will be taken away by us and disposed of correctly. 

And if you need anything else, you only need to call. We take care of gutters, soffits, and fascias, and we also offer flat roof cleaning and maintenance, and integrity testing. We work alongside two specialist suppliers – ICB Alwitra and IKO Armourplan – so, you know youre getting the best replacement for your old rubber roofing. 

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Why Come to Us for a Flat Roofing Installation? 

If you’re dealing with old rubber roofing that frequently lets you down, get it replaced today. And if you’re stuck on who to call, make The Flat Roofing Company the first and only number you dial. With 15 years of cumulative experience and a military background to draw on, we know a thing or two about installing durable, high-performance roofing systems. And we ensure every job is completed with absolute precision. 

EPDM roofing can cause many sleepless nights, but don’t worry; once we’re done, you’ll feel completely confident in your new roof. That’s because we’re accredited by organisations that include CHASFMB, and CITBSuch endorsements ensure the highest standards and that all work will be carried out in line with health and safety regulationsAnd with a team as committed as ours, you can be assured that your expectations won’t just be met – they’ll be exceeded. 

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